the bluebrain is the project of create way of direct communication between computer and our mind at cellular level.

Ok, this was definition. Now, we are trying to understand in simple language.
We all know understanding the mind is very difficult and mind has a lot of power,but every ¼th people on the earth suffered by mind disease and among us we hardly find health person who fitted in definition of health by WHO.
This research is based on how mind work chemically and as per rules of neurosurgeon.they deeply study each slice of mind and its’ work,how it is affected to our body cells,all data are collected are in form of neurons and this neurons are help us to understand mind ,now this data are stored by IBM’s Gene supercomputer “Blue Brain”,but this project was based on project of Michael HinesNEURON which was also try to understand mind genetically to technically

By this study we easily understand what is effect of different disease on our mind how can we control and do maximum use of mind’s power



  • Brain disease treatments
  • Scientific curiosity about consciousness and the human mind
  • Integration of all neuroscientific research results worldwide
  • Progress towards building thinking machines (bottom up approach)
So, thinking about this purpose this project was started by Henry Markram in 2005 at EPFL in Switzerland. Today we are developed because of our intelligence. Intelligence is the inborn quality that cannot be created. when we are dead ,all memory,feelings,intelligence and all these type of things are stored in virtual brain,which will work as human and serve the society


The hardware & software required to build a Blue Brain:-
Ø  8,096 CPUs at 700 MHz each of which can map one or two simulated brain neurons
Ø  256MB to 512MB memory per processor.
Ø  100 kilowatts power consumption.
Ø  Processor with a very high processing power.
Ø  22.8 TFLOPS peak processing speed.
Ø  Linux and C++ software.



Ø  We can remember things without any effort.
Ø  Decision can be made without the presence of a person.
Ø  Even after the death of a man his intelligence can be used.
Ø  The activity of different animals can be understood.
Ø  Help deaf and mad people.
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