“It’s great to be a Family, We can’t help but to feel that every time we spend time with each other!”


We use many social apps like Facebook that connects to vast network of family and friends, Snapchat catches a fleeting moment and make it disappear, Instagram which has your best moments but memories aren’t about likes and comments it is a feelings right? Hence to capture those feelings which helps you remind above statement we’ve created a list of apps and features for our beloved readers.


1. EveryStory

everyStory is a cloud-based story-sharing platform, created to celebrate  memories by saving photos and audio for years to come in the safest way possible.  EveryStory lets multiple users record an audio message, on the same photos, in a shared album or within a group. By simply  tapping a tagged person’s name to hear the story that is connected to a specific photo or album and the Loving part is :

   “I created everyStory after being diagnosed with colon cancer and realizing my son may never remember my voice or hear my stories. I am passionate about providing people with an innovative way to preserve and share memories forever in the most interactive way possible,”

 – Dave Keene, CTO of everyStory. 

Available on both iOS and Andriod platforms.

Android link if playstore won’t show in your country : https://apkpure.com/everystory/us.everystory.android.everystory


2. LifeCrumbs

Lifecrumbs is a photo calendar app to share and keep record of memories. It is a photo calendar to record and share your favourite moments. A journaling app to let people record meaningful moments from each day. LifeCrumbs is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so you can select updates from each network to import. Its inspiration was :

“I met a five-year-old girl who had just lost her dad in a typhoon. When I gave her a cookie, she took that cookie, ran back to her family and split it six ways with them. Then she ran back to me, split it in half again, smiled and said thank you, That changed my life because it made me realize you don’t need a lot in life to be happy. That notion was so inspiring that I wanted to share it with other people. Find joy in the ordinary ~ That’s the motto we follow.”

 – Victor Chang Founder of Tomofun

It is available on iOS and Android both platform.


3. Recently

Recently is the mobile-to-magazine app. With just a single tap you can receive a collection-worthy magazine of your recent iPhone photos printed on archival Mohawk paper. Recently dynamically designs your magazine, so you don’t have to. Simply select photos by Month, Album, Selfies or Favourites, Recently is for iOS app but they are launching Android version soon.


4. DayOne

It’s easy to quickly enter your thoughts and memories and have them synced and backed up in the cloud. Day One is well designed and extremely focused to encourage you to write more not to mention winner of 2012 best app on Appstore. Available on iOS platform only.



5. Momento

Allows you to import data from a number of services and any RSS feed like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Foursquare, Gowalla. Having geolocation service integration and the video service integration. Both of these features are essential for social service diary. A passive diaryapp  – a log which have update of everything what you do online.It is available on iOS platform and currently developing for Android platform as well.


These are the journal apps which helps you to have a record of your precious memories.



We are sure that Santa gave us our precious gift already since our all beloved readers are already here and yeah we are counting on your support so please share your kind suggestions because Here we Aim to Please and Wish you and your family Merry Christmas!!



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