We recently visited the Google Developer’s Day in Ahmedabad, India on 31st March 2017. We are giving the exact information that was covered at the event and how our experience was.
First, the event kick started with everybody getting their ID cards.
We had a lot of fun there. The place they chose was “Crowne Plaza”, SG Highway, Ahmedabad.
It was a five-star venue and the atmosphere around there was great.
The first talk was about Android O which was taken by Googler Amrit Sanjeev.

Android O

He highlighted the core new features of Android O and how it affects the developers in many ways.
  • The background services would stop working after a certain period of time an app has been closed.
  • The behavior of foreground android services will be unchanged. Foreground service is nothing but a service with a persistent notification.
  • Picture-in-picture support is now natively on Android. It would look just like Youtube!
  • We can now snooze notifications in Android O! You can set a time and the Notification would appear after that set period of time again!
  • We would now have Notification Channels on Android. The developer can specify which Notification Channel the notificatin would go to. While the user can specify which Notification Chanel gets the highest priority and which one are to be hidden.
  • Autofill API:- We would now no longer require to fill all forms manually or install any 3rd-party Password Manager as Android O would provide this functionality inbuilt to all users.
  • Direct Support for Fonts in Android Studio! Before this, the developers had to write complex code for implementing and using 3rd-party/custom fonts in their app. Now, it is directly added to a XML property inside the project that can be reused anywhere! Easy, right? 😁

Google Assistant

  • Google introduced ites new feature which is API.AI
  • Now, It is so simple to create your own personal assistant in just few clicks.

  • API.AI is an amazing tool which provides features which can be used to create awesome conversational agents like Google’s own Assistant!
  • API.AI helps developers who want to build bots by giving them easy ready-made API and Tools so that they don’t have to go around building the basic blocks!
  • This is the image for how API.AI works behind the screen :

Android Things

As many of you might know already about Android things as it is getting more and more popular day-by-day.



  • Basically, it’s Android on Embedded Processors like Raspberry PI, Intel Edison, etc.
  • Android works as a background service without GUI
Srource: Speakers and Images from https://developer.android.com/things/index.html

Google Identity


Identity tools from Google helps in building an auth system that can grow with your business and reduce the friction of getting users into your app.

With Smart Lock for Passwords, you get friction-less sign-in and sign-up into apps on Android and sites in Chrome with any account. Users will get automatically signed-in across devices.
Source: Speakers and Images from https://developers.google.com/identity/

Progressive Web Apps, Web Components was also covered.

In the end, we had an open house discussion with the GDG Ahmedabad team members and networking with them as well as the Speakers.
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